What have we got from the ICUEE show?


Though technology is changing marketing at a rapid pace, exhibition is still a traditional and popular way to market the business. We just back from our ICUEE show in Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, KY, USA. Let’s see what we have got from the trade show.


That’s a quite a good opportunity to talk to some of our current customers face to face, and see how their business going and if there’s anything we can further help as a partner.


And as well, during the exhibition, we got some new potential customers to keep in touch since then, keep following up while the event is still fresh in their mind and waiting for an opportunity to help them.


We also had great conversations with a few prospects and arranged official meetings to discuss more their current business problems the first week after the show ends. And these projects are going quite well till now. Probably, we’ll share case studies when we complete the first cooperation. 

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